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Carbon neutralization of websites

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The first step you can do for your environment with our help is that you offset the carbon emission of your website. Every website emits carbon dioxide due to electricity consumption deriving from the electricity consumption of the website’s server, that of the visitors’ computers which are running while the site is being visited and that of the network which provides the connection.

First, we calculate the carbon emission of your website based on data given by you and stored in international databases, e. g. an average search on Google generates 7 grams of carbon-dioxide. Here we give you some average examples: if your website has less than 10 thousand searches per month, it emits approx. 2 tCO2e (ton carbon-dioxide equivalent which is the measure of carbon footprint); if the number of searches is between 50 thousand and 300 thousand monthly then the website emits 7 tCO2e; and if your page has monthly searches between 500 thousand and 1 million then it emits 21 tCO2e.

This emission cannot be avoided but it can be neutralized by supporting green projects. These already implemented projects generate energy, products or conduct their services in a way where barely any or no CO2 or any other greenhouse gases are emitted. The reforestation projects bind traceable amount of CO2. These projects are certified by rating agencies such as TÜV NORD, TÜV SÜD or BÜRO VERITAS.

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Emissions can be neutralized by purchasing and retiring so-called carbon credits equal to the amount of your website’s emission. Practically, it means that the operation of the website becomes neutral through offsetting thus its negative effect on the environment is reduced to zero.


  • The whole process is managed ONLINE so you can arrange everything sitting at your desk. The process is QUICK, EASY and CONVENIENT for you
  • You INCREASE YOUR SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY with contributing to sustainability
  • You INCREASE VISITS OF YOUR WEBSITE as you will gain more searches through new links and keywords
  • New links and keywords like sustainable, environmental protection, carbon neutral, green, renewable, livable future, social responsibility, CSR, etc. will bring you NEW CLIENTS who are more environmental conscious and less price-sensitive
  • You will have an additional chance to BUILD TRUST further towards your clientele
  • You increase your PRESTIGE and weigh with your employees
  • You are allowed to USE the internationally accepted and guaranteed iCC CARBON NEUTRAL CERTIFICATION in your CORPORATE COMMUNICATION. You become entitled to use the CARBON FREE WEBSITE LOGO on your website – materials are provided by us
  • In consequence of all this, you raise your REPUTATION
  • You become a MEMBER OF iCC COMMUNITY which guarantees an ENVIRONMENTAL-FRIENDLY QUALITY to your clients
  • You get entitled to EMBED our FREE CARBON FOOTPRINT CALCULATOR INTO YOUR WEBSITE. With this tool, you can attract MORE ENVIRONMENTALLY CONSCIOUS VISITORS to your website and build a special database
  • In addition to all this, for the first year, we offer you storage space on our 100 percent CARBON NEUTRAL WEB SERVER for free


If you resolve on making the first step towards protecting our Earth, our company will be at your assistance in the carbon neutralization of your website for the first year. If you would like to retain the certification henceforward then we renew it for you every year.

Searches for your website per month Service price
EUR / year
Service price
USD / year
0 – 10 000 180  230
10 001 – 20 000 271  343
20 001 – 50 000 360  455
50 001 – 300 000 562  710
300 001 – 500 000 771  974
500 001 – 1 000 000 1486  1877
1 000 001 – Calculated
Calculated individually

Prices do not include VAT


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